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.A drunk stops a cab on the street:

“Are you available?” asks the drunk.

“Yes” says the driver.

“Then come out to dance!”


“Hello, is it taxi?”


“Can you drive me to the capital of Albania?”

“Are you crazy, sir? Do you know how far Tirana is?”

 “Tirana…Six letters.. it fits.. Thank you!”


A programmer gets in a taxi. The driver asks:

“Where to? Address?”



A child from Gabrovo tells his dad:

“Daddy, daddy, today I didn’t ride the bus, but ran after it and so I saved 50st.”

His father rather than being happy got mad and said:

“How many times will I teach you!? Next time instead of running after the bus, run after a taxi, in this way you will save much more!”


Wife: "If I hear another word from you I'm leaving and going to live with my mother!" Husband: "Taxi!"